Cal & Shan’s Tree Farm LLC, is our Nursery and Christmas Tree nursery being worked onTree Farm division that offers a wide range of tree varieties, from pine trees to firs and spruces. Raised with care from saplings, we provide trees in the peak of health. Each tree has a unique character. Strategically chosen from one of our two nurseries, it will bring warmth, beauty, and value to your property. Some trees, such as a row ofSide angle of a tree getting planted into the nursery spruce trees or grouping of fir trees, can serve as windbreaks. All trees help to filter the air and produce oxygen. Trees can augment a patio, accentuate the mood of a water fall or pond. The potential for trees as part of your landscaping can awaken the imagination of your property.

Wide angle of a pine tree nursery
    • Colorado Spruce
    • Norway Spruce
    • Black Hills Spruce
    • Serbian Spruce
    • Douglas Fir
    • Canaan Fir
    • White Pine